Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The village pageant


What a fantastic week-end - We started the celebrations with our end of season get together at the Stratford Awards Ceremony - all the staff came plus the jockeys. We had a very long lunch and then in the evening it was some really good racing. The 'young ones' then went on to the night club whilst we went back to our very smart hotel in Stratford.(last minute dot com - a bargain!)
The following day I went to the village and watched the pageant - A lot of work had gone in to it and everyone was in high spirits which didn't seem in the least dampened by the rain. In the afternoon we had our last point to point at Dingley - it was great to go without horses and we had a chance to picnic with everyone and really catch up. It was quite sad that it was the end of the season - It really is a marvellous sport, with the best thing about it being the people.
On the Sunday we had been invited to a jubilee drinks party by the Derbyshires - Union jacks everywhere and really good fun. Then we went on to Hamish and Sarah's wedding party. Hamish is the farm manager on the estate and had got married in the little Edgcote church earlier on in the day and was having his reception in the grain store. They had fitted the interior with a marquee and it looked amazing. They were having their wedding night in our shepherds hut and it was Hamish's 'surprise' for Sarah. I hope she has a good sense of humour (!?) as it was pouring with rain when he took her there in the old mule.
On the Monday (feeling a little weary) we went to Lou Bates's jubilee lunch - we soon perked up when we got there as she is a ball of fun and it was a wonderful occasion, with many toasts to the Queen and a very hearty rendition of 'God Save Our Queen'. In the evening we relaxed and watched the jubilee concert which was wonderful.

Today Doug was working and I was supposed to be gardening but kept on popping inside to watch the procession in London on the TV. It was an awesome spectacle and at the risk of sounding somewhat corny, made me feel very proud to be British. The Queen is truly a tremendous example to us all and it was wonderful to see her get the enormous show of affection that she deserves.