Monday, 2 July 2012

Happy days! I am doing this from my new iPad and it seems to be working. I am still recuperating from my ACL reconstruction on my knee. I have to say it has been a lot more painful than I had anticipated. Hopefully though everything is on track and it won't be much longer before the pain starts to reduce. Apart from having my wings clipped a little we have had a great weekend. On Friday night one of our owners, Sally Norris had a 'Cloudy Moon' party where she used the prize money that Cloudy Moon had earned during the season to put towards a little party for the team that contributed towards the season. We took Laura, Lucy, Peter, Toby and Rachel in the horsebox, we also took the numerous bottles of champagne that Jake had won.... Needless to say it was a great fun evening and Sally and John were terrific hosts. We just managed to load up the team before they got shabby! On Saturday night we had been invited by Carl Evans, the journalist, to the Point to point National Awards Ceremony at Stratford. It turned out that we were on the top table with all the main sponsors, who were very enthusiastic about the sport and great company. The winning owner epitomised what point to pointing was all about, a farmer who lives in Scotland, Annarkshire, and does all the work with his wife, getting up at the crack of dawn to muck out, then takes the horse to the beach to work them, having harrowed the sand first to make sure that it was safe to gallop on. Living in Scotland he would also have to travel hundreds of miles to clock up the wins to get the award. A great effort and well deserved. It was a wonderful evening, although it was cut a little short as Doug (quite rightly)was worried that I was about to hit the dance floor with my dodgy knee and whisked me home!