Thursday, 30 August 2012

I rode for the first time since my knee operation this morning. It felt OK but I was on Dream and she was terribly well behaved, bless her. However, the highlight of the morning was Doug and Subo's 'circus act'. ...I was in the lead on the Dream boat, Laura was on Button, Jay on Ben and Doug on the four year old Subo who has only been ridden a few times and we are bringing on as a hunter. We had just done a circle around the farm and were on our way back walkingacross the stubble field, when I heard Laura cry out , I turned around and saw to my complete amazement Subo lying flat out on her side and Doug lying beside her, it flashed through my mind that they were both dead, but then I could see they were clearly alive, I then thought that maybe and bizarrely it was an Australian party trick to make a horse lie down for no apparent reason, but it turned out that as we were riding along Subo started to sink and Doug thought she was having a heart attack so quietly went down with her until realising that she was about to roll right over having found a suitably muddy patch. It was somewhat random and caused much mirth. We haven 't decided yet whether that constitutes a donation to the drop pot,, although he didn't actually fall off they both came back covered in mud, so methinks a payment is in order. We have never had such an early contribution , looking good for the end of season party!