Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Velvet Dove (and little Dove) suffering the indignity of a bath before the Open Day

As you can see Velvet Dove's foal has grown really well and is a bit of a cracker - She gained rather a fan club at the Open Day. Hopefully she will have all the ability of her mother but not quite all the attitude. At this stage she seems to be a very nice person, so fingers crossed....

We are getting back to normal now and it is pouring with rain. The horses are mainly just going on the walker to harden up their legs before we start road work next week.

It's Burghley this week and the first time for a while we haven't got a stand - We normally have a stand in the Horse Village with our Stay Cold Boots which we designed six years ago and are a sell out every year - Unfortunately I made a bit of a booby and didn't get my deposit in on time, luckily they are continuing to sell really well at home now via mail order so we can just enjoy it as visitors for a change.