Monday, 13 August 2012

We managed to get most of the hay in and got to Wiltshire at 11pm - Our hosts were very understanding as most of us were in the same boat, trying to get the harvest in before the weather broke. We had a great week-endo with a very Italian theme, it was certainly better weather than when we went to Rome in February, where they had the first snow for thirty years.

We got back in time to see the closing ceremony of the Olympic games - What a fantastic games it has been - Totally inspiring. I didn't think I would ever see the day when British athletes were actually crying because they had only got the silver medal and not the gold. Normally we are just happy to 'take part'. I loved the fact that the Brits were unusually aggressive and single minded about being the best. The self belief was amazing which makes a wonderful change. After the cynicism of the press before the games it was great to see them eating their words about how well everything was managed. London looked a really fun place and I would love to have been able to get tickets for some of the events, but the BBC gave a great coverage. It's going to be rather an anti-climax now it's all over.