Saturday, 24 November 2012

And still it raineth...... we have entered Jess (We Never Give Up) for Cottenham tomorrow and have been keeping our fingers crossed that it won't be abandoned. It is a free draining course and hopefully will be able to stand a lot of water but there is a limit.... It has been raining most of the day today and the forecast isn't any better for tomorrow.
We have just heard that Whitfield has been abandoned which was due to take place on the 2nd of Dec and which we had targeted Jake and Whisper for, so that's rather disappointing as they both like the soft/heavy ground and would have loved it.
Jess on the other hand doesn't like soft ground but hopefully with this amount of rain the ground wont be sticky and she will just be able to slop out of it fairly easily. We have been working her with the heart monitor for the last two weeks and would say that she is 85% fit, but is so ridiculously relaxed on the gallops that it is difficult to get her heart rate up, so she actually needs a race to get her any fitter now. We can only hope and pray she does her best and comes home safe and sound.