Saturday, 16 February 2013

At last - the sun is shining! It really has been quite ghastly with terrible conditions for both human and equine, hopefully now we have turned the corner and will start getting some better ground. On the first day of the thaw we took a string of horses for a hack along the river which had burst it's banks - We thought we knew where the path was but at one stage the water was so deep and well over the horse's girths, that there was a slight worry that we had missed the path and were about to take a proper dip actually in the river. Doug was on Rosie who saw a log floating past, took fright and started to go backwards towards what we knew was a very steep bank but was completely submerged. - We were all trying to get our i-phones out of our pockets to film the dunking but luckily (for Doug) Rosie stopped going backwards in the nick of time, it was all terribly exciting and the horses loved it.
Tomorrow we have Popaway and Jake going to Thorpe, they are both very well and fingers crossed Jake will run a better race this time.