Sunday, 31 March 2013

The ground is drying out nicely so we are going to split the team and Doug is taking Popaway to Thorpe and I am borrowing a trailer and taking Jess to Paxford. As Jess only likes going right handed you have to run her where you can, although it may be too soft for her. I still wouldn't want to run youngsters on the ground though as it will no doubt be very testing.
We went to Upton yesterday just as spectators as we had never been there before. It was fairly good racing and it was amazing that it was on as it had been completely flooded not long ago. It was very rural and the scenery was stunning with the snow clad Malvern hills in the background. The people were really friendly and it is definitely on our list for next season, particularly with youngsters as the fences were nice and small.
We had a lovely Easter Day as my parents came to lunch and although Mum is obviously not at all well she was surprisingly bright and is coping stoically with her illness.