Saturday, 13 April 2013

Phew!! Ben got around safe and sound and bearing in mind the dreadful conditions went really well - It just poured with rain and by the time it was Ben's turn the ground was desperate. He did a circuit and a half, keeping with the pace and then Pete pulled him up. It is always so nerve racking having a horse race for the first time as that is when things can go wrong, and it is wonderful to see them come home safely. He seemed to really enjoy it, so hopefully he will take after his big sister, Intimate Whisper, and provide us all with a lot of fun.
'We Never Give Up' (Jess) was an absolute star again, hating the ground but still running into a place, and coming fourth out of twelve. She was much admired in the paddock and looked absolutely fantastic. It seems astonishing that we are into April and still haven't had good top of the ground for her to race on.
Our horse box was parked in the field next to the A423 and just before Jess's race I went back to check on Ben, when there was the most awful squeal of brakes, two loud bangs and then this motor bike flew into the air. I jumped over the fence with Jay, who was also with me and went to flag down the traffic that was coming over the brow of the hill. I then went back to the scene where three cars were involved and the motorcyclist was lying in the road, he didn't look too bad and was talking, we covered him up and someone rang the ambulance. I didn't think there was much more I could do as other people had arrived so I went back to see Jess finish her race. He was airlifted off, but we later heard that he had died. I am hoping that was not the case as we all thought he was going to make it. Terribly sad.