Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Lady Barfad  - Fourth first time out
A day of mixed fortunes, but most importantly all our girls came home safely. Our two most experienced horses 'messed up' with Popaway falling when looking like a certain winner, and Varkala running with her choke out and head in the air and wasn't able to finish. Having always gone flat out hurdling before she just couldn't understand why they were going so slowly and failed to settle. She was supposed to be the sensible lead horse for Goody (Lady Barfad) who was in the same race but Goody showed her what to do in the end and came a very satisfying fourth. She was a bit sticky over her fences to begin with but got the hang of it and ran a cracking race. Very pleasing and a massive relief for both her owners and her trainer!
We had a great celebration afterwards. It is so rewarding when a green youngster, who I have to say didn't look or feel anything like a racehorse when she first came, shows such promise, and absolutely loves the job. She will be a lot of fun in the future.