Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Another fantastic days racing with our ponies running their little hearts out - View the Dance was in a very hot restricted and to begin with found the pace too strong and was right out the back, but then on the second circuit three fences from home she suddenly seemed to sprout wings and flew up the hill coming a very close third, only a couple of lengths from the two in front - had the finishing line been a couple of metres further on she looked as though she would have won. Ponty Pandy had a tongue strap for the first time and it seemed to work wonders - He also finished with a wet sail coming a very close second to a much more experienced horse.We were absolutely delighted with them both, and the Duck Club (owners of Ponty Pandy) and ourselves celebrated well into the night......As you know horses are great levellers and every success has to be celebrated as they can be few and far between and the lows are very low. We almost feel that everything should be roughed off now while the going is so good as it surely cannot continue!? We will see what the weather is going to do in the next few days as we wont be running any of them on firm ground and we have some lovely horses to look forward to next season.