Sunday, 12 May 2013

We have just got back and are just so thankful that everyone, both horses and jockeys are fine. We had a horrible experience (but obviously not as bad as the person on board) of watching a jockey in the Mens Open of falling off, getting his foot stuck in the stirrup, and then being bounced along like a limp rag doll for a good 300 yards until thankfully the girth snapped and released the jockey before the next fence where it would have been a certain fatality. It was ghastly to watch as the jockey was literally bouncing around upsides down whilst his horse was going flat out towards the next fence.We didn't even notice Definite Dawn who I think came fifth in the end, which we were delighted with as we knew he was only half fit having had so much time off with his bad foot. but most importantly the jockey who looked as though he was dead survived and was taken off by ambulance. It was a truly awful moment and put every thing into perspective as he was so lucky to still be here.
Goody, who won best turned out with Jay in charge, also ran a great race on ground that didn't suit her at all as it was far too fast. Toby did a marvelous job of looking after her whilst also giving her experience and she laid up with them until four from home where Toby eased up on her and brought her home safely to her anxious owners.(Only four got home out of sixteen) Thank goodness. She is now primed for next season. We didn't run Ben as he really needs soft ground as he has such a high knee action and would not achieve anything by running him on such ground.
We had lovely owners there today and although we didn't get any results it was still a great day out despite the horrid weather