Friday, 17 May 2013

We walked Whitfield yesterday and whilst they have done a great job of watering and putting the track back after the last meeting there is still a firm patch after the fence before the last bend as there is stone underneath - It will be fine for Ponty and Rosie who will be easy to hook back and go steady over this bit but we have decided not to run Popaway as she gives her all and is very difficult to check back - She has shown so much ability this season that it would be a terrible shame to finish on a bad note
The horses that are running tomorrow at Dingley (at this stage)  are Jess (We Never Give Up) in the novice riders, Dancer (View the Dance) in the restricted and Dolly (Velvet Royale), and Ben (Whither Goest Thou) in the three mile maiden. It might be a little on the soft side for Jess and Dancer but at least it will be safe ground.
We have managed to add to the drop pot with both Harry falling off Dancer and Will falling off Jess whilst schooling. We were just saying a couple of days ago that our drop pot has suffered considerably since Christopher has stopped riding out and then we had two in two days - thanks boys!