Sunday, 1 September 2013

I got back on a horse yesterday for the first time since my hip replacement and all was well. Red behaved herself perfectly and it was great to be back on board.
The summer is drawing to a close The swallows are collecting together in readiness for their long flight back to South Africa and the harvest has almost been completed.
A huge piles of rugs has been returned all clean, mended and waterproofed in readiness for the new season which I am beginning to look forward to again.
Firstly though we have got Burghley to get ready for. We have got a stand in the World of the Horse and although it is really hard work it is also jolly good fun. We are sleeping in the lorry which is a big step up from the trailer that we have used for the last few years. Positively luxurious in comparison. We always take our bikes and cycle into Stamford for our evening meal. There has been a little tumble or two on the way home I must confess. It is so strange the way the bike seems to get wobbly after a certain time of night....