Thursday, 17 October 2013

Jake (Doctor Kingsley) out cubbing
Poppy and Spud
All going well here and very much enjoying the beautiful autumnal weather. We have had enough rain to soften the ground enough to do some trotting on the grass and next week we will be ready to do some slow canter work.
We went to the Pytchley team chase last week-end at Winwick and I ended up getting UR'd (unseated rider) even though I didn't actually have a ride on a horse - Rowan Cope had got one of these electric scooters, an SXT model, which at the time it looked like a very good idea to have a little spin on it I was also actively encouraged by Doug and the lads.....Well, for a start it was not at all straight forward to control as it was more like riding a skate board and to make it turn you had to lean in the direction you wanted it to go in and then to make it go faster you lent forward and to slow down you lent back - I eventually got the thing going in the direction I wanted to go and started to rather enjoy it, so I went faster, and faster...I was rather surprised at how speedy it was but then decided I was going a little too quickly for the ridge and furrow and pulled the handlebars back and the darn thing came to a sudden halt. Yes, straight over the handlebars I went - I can still hear those hoots of laughter ringing in my ears!! Extremely embarrassing but very funny and no huge injuries except to my pride..