Thursday, 10 October 2013

Brrr!  The weather has changed and it is a little on the chilly side It has been absolutely beautiful up to now so we have been really rather spoiled. I just wish it would rain as the ground is ridiculously hard to the point where we are rather restricted in what we can do - We would normally be trotting around the fields and slow cantering by now but all we can do is walk or trot around the all weather, having said that we are very lucky to have that option. We can also do a fair amount in the menage which is handy.
The new team is working really well and it is such a luxury to have help with afternoon stables - it means I can do other things in the afternoon rather than being tied to the yard. I have just come back from the chiropractor where they are trying to straighten me out and I am beginning to feel that at last we are getting somewhere. It is just wonderful not to be in constant pain - Bliss.
Joseph, Sophie and little Henry came around for tea yesterday. Henry is a delightful little boy, always smiling. I had acquired a little rocking horse for him (from the tip, which I fessed up to and you should have seen the look of horror on the proud parents faces!!) Anyway, Henry loved it and is a natural so we are on the look out for a little pony for him now. Sophie is about to have number two so I expect we will be seeing quite a bit more of little Henry which will be great.
The nights are drawing in and after a somewhat hectic week I am looking forward to a cosy night in. Oh dear that sounds positively ancient!