Thursday, 3 October 2013

We went cubbing yesterday as it was local and we could hack there. I took Jess and Doug was on Jake, all was good except Doug had a technical dismount at the meet - Jake slipped on the concrete and went crashing down and slapped the ground rather heavily. Both him and Doug lay there looking somewhat stunned and then both scrambled to their feet with no harm done apart from injured pride. Jake was really full of himself and it was totally his own fault for pratting around. Both him and Jess seem better than ever this season, it could perhaps be down to the late flush of grass but all the horses feel exceptionally well. I have also had to contribute to the drop pot as I fell off Dancer last week when she shied at a pheasant.
We have got some new staff arriving as from tomorrow we have got Esme, who helped at our open day and has been working at a stud locally, but as she had previously been to the Newmarket racing school she really wanted a job in a racing yard, and then on Monday we have Tara and Lucy starting - Tara has ridden in a few point to points on her own horse and is looking forward to getting a bit more experience with us, and Sally, who lives locally is going to join Annette managing the yard. The boys, Pete and Toby will still be coming in a few mornings a week as well, so we have got a great team of people and some wonderful horses to look forward to this season.
Esme with Definite Dawn