Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hunting yesterday went without a hitch and annoyingly no empty saddles, even though Doug sprayed mane conditioner onto Jason's saddle to make it slippery but even that didn't work and although Ben was a little on his toes it wasn't enough to unseat Jason. Flash jumped like stag and I was delighted with her. Doug went with Martin out with the Pytchley today and they had a great time. I had little Henry for the afternoon and took him to see his Grandpa which they both loved. Last week when I had dropped Henry off I met up with Sally for a drink. It would have been wonderful to have been able to do the same today.......Tricia and I were invited by her children, Edward and Alex to meet up at Sally's house last night as they didn't want to go into it without our company and they wanted our input for the funeral. We were there until after midnight reminiscing about her life and although Ed and Alex are still understandably distraught it seemed to help them and they were a lot calmer by the time we left.  Just so sad.