Monday, 18 November 2013

Last Tuesday we took eight horses out hunting. I was on Flash, Esme was on Eeyore, Tara on Goody, Toby on Ponty, Doug on Subo, Peter on Jake, Jason on Ben and John Stephenson (our accountant!) on Dancer. It was a great fun day - We were hoping to add to the drop pot but no one fell off although it was a close shave with Doug. I had just jumped a fence and heard the most almighty crash behind me - I turned around to see Doug and Subo making matchwood of the jump. She literally just went through it rather than over - "Just as well I'm a fencing contractor!" Doug said immediately on 'landing' (not that he ever actually took off) to everyone's amusement
Eeyore and Goody

We are taking six out tomorrow, Jason is taking Ben who has never hunted before, so that should be interesting, especially as he proudly announced last week that he "never falls off" Ha! We will have to see about that...... We also have an Australian chap staying with us at the moment called Martin, He is the farm manager on a farm in Melbourne and is mad about hunting. He rode out with us this morning and seems very capable so I don't think there will be any contributions from him to the drop pot. Our end of season party is going to be a pretty paltry affair at this rate....
Doug's handiwork