Thursday, 7 November 2013


Tony McCoy makes sporting history and we were there!! A truly fantastic day and wonderful that it happened at our local track, Towcester.

In the paddock on Mountain Tunes
This was AP's second ride, his first one ran a good race but obviously didn't win and two hurdles from home on his second ride, Mountain Tunes, it looked as though it was going to be the same result. But in typical McCoy style his strength and determination carried the four year old over the line in front. It was quite extraordinary and the crowd went mad
A.P McCoy returning to the paddock after his win
The champion being escorted out of the paddock

When we saw the J.P McManus helicopter land in the car park we thought that was a good sign and that he wouldn't have flown over from Ireland if he didn't think it was going to happen.He was absolutely delighted and announced that there would be free drinks for everyone. As you can imagine the party was still rocking when we left!!