Monday, 9 December 2013

Oooh!  The horses were so fresh this morning that my arms are still aching from trying to hold them. I have to say that nearly all of us went faster than intended as we were 'cantering' around the big field - apparently some local farmers were shooting at our next door neighbours farm on the hill and took great amusement at seeing our horses going in all directions as the jockeys tried to pull them up at the end of the work out.. All very good that they are feeling so well and no empty saddles - even though Doug resorted to putting a party popper in Button's tail in the hope of getting Jason off. Annoyingly he noticed it which is a first as Jason never normally brushes his horses tail before setting off. Desperate measures....
Even though our gallops are out of action at present it was great news that Ben Case (who lives on the same estate and shares the gallops) had such a good win at Sandown with Deep Trouble at the week-end. What a dramatic win it was too with the horse jinking violently to the right after the last and the jockey losing his irons but still managing to urge the horse over the line in front. It was a fantastic effort as the horse came right from the back of the field and was bumped and barged all the way around. A very nice horse for the future and exciting for the whole estate.

Deep trouble jinking to the right but winning anyway