Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Two more contributions to the drop pot, although we had to change the rules a little to extract anything from Jason - Although he never falls off he is actually not terribly good at holding a horse and I had just about had enough of having my horse beautifully settled for Jason to come roaring past. So a cunning plan was hatched and the deal was that anyone who passes me had to pay £10 into the 'pi**ed off with' pot - The first lot went without incident (which just shows that everyone can do it if they try had enough!) but then good old Big Harry cooperated beautifully on the third circuit and Jason came flashing past, only for a few strides admittedly but rules are rules and the pot is now £10 better off. The second contribution came from Esme who was riding Goody in the big stubble field and was going rather faster than she would have liked so tried to turn her and fell out the side door as it was on a slope. Goody then set off into the gloom but was found at Alex Hale's none the worse for wear except a little scrape where she had slipped on the road. Thank goodness no harm done to either horse or rider.
We will all be so pleased when the uphill gallop has been completed as the horse's are now at a level of fitness where it is really difficult to keep a lid on them. Good for the drop pot though!