Monday, 20 January 2014

Phew, all back safe and sound. After repeated calls to countless tyre companies. none of which wanted to come out because livestock was involved we phoned Jason's Dad who has a haulage business and he was able to send someone out to us. The Highways Agency cordoned off one lane so they could change the tyres safely and two and a half hours later we were on our way again, getting home after eleven and after doing the night feeds getting into bed well after midnight. A very long day but an enjoyable one. It was really good racing for the mud larks and set in beautiful surroundings with really friendly people.
All horses went well this morning, Popaway was bouncing but Jess didn't go out as she rather sore having had a bad cut on her coronet band where she was struck into during the race, pulling her shoe off, which could have explained her 'Giving Up' so quickly. Flash was also very stiff which was odd as she hardly put any effort into the race, so we are beginning to think that she had an old injury in Ireland which possibly explains her lack of enthusiasm and stiffness after exercise. Unless we find something fairly soon she is going to be retired to the hunting field which is the only thing she can muster some enthusiasm for.
Jake is full of himself and ready to run sooner rather than later - We may aim him for the Wetherby hunter chase on the 1st February or Musselburgh, around about the same date. which is seriously good prize money and a bit more of a stamina test as it is 3 miles 3 furlongs.
Rosie was reasonably well behaved considering her bad behaviour on Saturday - I forgot to mention in my previous blog that she had bucked the dressage lady off in the menage - Every Saturday we have a girl called Kelsey, (who rode for British young rider team) in to do flat work on the horses we think needs it the most, and she had been getting on really well with Rosie, who surprisingly enjoyed the discipline, up until Saturday, of course, when feeling rather fresh she bucked Kelsey off and broke her collar bone. Such a shame as she will be out of action for three months. Sorry Kelsey.......I didn't like to mention the drop pot at the time as it seemed inappropriate but when you are feeling a little better....?!