Saturday, 25 January 2014

Big Bucks before he had his injury

Just on our way back from Cheltenham where we saw the magnificent Big Bucks run his heart out but sadly just got beaten by a 66/1 shot and ended up coming third. He looked tremendous in the paddock and the crowds of people who had clearly only come to see him, cheered and clapped every time he went past. The weather soon tested their enthusiasm though as there was a bolt of lightening, a clap of thunder and the heavens opened, everyone, with the exception of a few hardy enthusiasts all bolted for cover. Thankfully the rain ceased just before the jockeys mounted so we were able to see Sam Twiston Davis suddenly leap over the barrier and run back to the weighing room, which caused great amusement and speculation. A few of the crowd thought that he had had a change of mind or that he was quickly asking Ruby what Big Bucks was like in a thunderstorm! He soon came back adjusting his breeches, so it was quite clear that he had had a nervous call of nature. Bless him, a massive pressure for such a young chap. He rode to Paul's instructions, but possibly some would say he went a bit early, but the eventual winner had made all, so it wouldn't have made any difference. Big Bucks came back to the winners enclosure thankfully sound but had a lot of discharge coming from his nostrils and blew for a long time afterwards. He will come on enormously from his run and definitely should not be discounted to win again at the Cheltenham festival,
We haven't any runners tomorrow but are having a nice day at home with Joseph, Sophie, little Henry, baby Jessica and my Dad coming for lunch,