Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Yippee! No rain this morning. It is the first time for a long time that we haven't been soaked to the skin whilst riding out.
Just heard the sad news that Horseheath is deemed unsafe for racing after the course was mole drained and also that the South Midlands meeting at Whitfield has been abandoned due to lack of sponsorship. Such a shame for everyone involved, although they are talking about the possibility of High Easter taking on the Horseheath fixtures which could work out quite well as it is such a lovely course.
All horses behaved themselves this morning, including Rosie (Epistle) which is always a bonus. She managed to decant Pete on Monday as she was so fresh and shying at everything. She is such a quirky mare that you really don't know how she will behave from one day to another. Latterly she has been refusing to go up the gallops so we have had to take her to the round flat track which she seems to love. We will gradually re-introduce her to the uphill and hope for the best. If she didn't have so much ability we would have given up with her long ago, but we are hoping she will reward us with our patience....?!