Friday, 14 February 2014

Ah, I have just seen that a couple of posts I did from my ipad obviously didn't get 'posted' - Larkhill was a little colourful with Rosie  as she kept on planting in the paddock and needed a bit of persuasion to go down the chute, she also half planted at the start and got a little left behind, but then went from last to second, got a little bashed around as she darted to the left and then got pulled up having done a circuit and a half having jumped superbly but hadn't liked the very soft ground. Dolly was a little darling and coped with Rosie's tantrums, also jumped like a stag but hated the ground and was pulled up when in the leading group, two from home. Both back safe and sound, but the weather was atrocious, there being a massive hail storm just before they went around and they coped with the whole situation really well.
On Tuesday Jess, Flash and Subo went hunting - once again the ground was too soft to really have a good hunt but they were out for three hours and all thoroughly enjoyed it. Jess is still a bit footy as she has such soft feet and she just needs some dry weather to dry her feet out and then they won't be so sensitive.
This morning we schooled the horses that are going to Thorpe this Sunday, apart form Popaway who schooled yesterday and Jake, who doesn't need schooling, and who we haven't quite decided whether or not to risk him at Thorpe when he is already qualified for the Foxhunters at Cheltenham, or to give him a pipe opener there to ensure that he is popping fit for the big day. Eeyore (Wild Dove) Goody (Lady Barfad) and Dancer (View the Dance) all schooled really well. Dancer is being leased by the 'We Never Give Up' club until the ground dries out and Jess can run, and it is Eeyore's very first run, which will be nerve racking for everyone involved as he is a firm favourite in the yard - not the brightest light on the Christmas tree, but a real character. Goody has been telling us for a few weeks that she is ready for a run, having dumped Esme twice and being a bit of a moo getting in from the field in the afternoons. She has grown so much since last season and is a completely different horse.
We have just got back from a very nice romantic meal from the Crown at Weston. Doug pulled a lucky one as he only booked it yesterday, but at least he got the date right this time. Last year he booked up for a Valentines meal at the Butchers Arms on the 21st February!  Bless......