Saturday, 1 February 2014

Bless him! He ran a cracking race, he came a running on second, just beaten by two lengths and carrying a 4 pound penalty. If the race had been one furlong longer I think he would have won. The horse that beat him, Palypso De Creek is a fantastic horse though and we couldn't have been beaten by a nicer horse with wonderful owners, and a great jockey, Clare Hart. The owners.(and trainers) Jill and Mike Dawson are a lovely couple. I used to ride against Jill, (who normally used to beat me) and she was always so kind and humble in the changing room no matter whether she won or lost. I am sure she won't mind me mentioning it, but she has had some serious health issues lately and has been fighting that battle in the same gutsy, determined, courageous way that she used to ride in her races. We al had a celebratory drink together in the car park afterwards and it was a great way to end the day,
Jake was full of himself after the race and not at all tired which bodes well. He will probably go to Thorpe in two weeks time and then perhaps have a mini break to freshen him up again for the Cheltenham foxhunters in March,
All horses are well for tomorrow, it might not be the perfect track for Harry as he is such a big horse, but Christopher (the owner) wants him to run at his local track and the ground is safe enough so it won't do him any harm.
I have just spent the last hour trying to get the plaits, which had been sewn in, out of Jakes mane, the lorry is being seriously buffeted about by the wind and a few times I was sent sprawling. I rather think that I may have snipped a little plait or two off by accident so I am not looking forward to seeing him in daylight tomorrow. That is if we get home in these 70 mph winds, it is really rather scary....