Sunday, 2 February 2014

We made it home eventually last night, having to drive at 35 mph as it was so dangerously blustery. We only saw one other lorry on the way home so all the others must have very sensibly taken shelter. We were then off again this morning to North Carlton where we had three runners and we had a WINNER, a second (out of 13) and a fifth (out of fourteen). Definite Dawn won his members, he was odds on to win but we still had a slighty scary moment when the next favourite set off at a break neck speed and went a distance in front, we were all wondering whether Peter had left it too late as he was still out there two fences from home, but then Pete pressed the button and Definite Dawn just went into turbo mode and slid past him in a very impressive style and cruised home in front. Yes, he didn't have much to beat, but the way he did it was very impressive. Harry was the next to go and it was a very competitive field. He ran a cracking race, and came a close second. When he passed over the line he had a flap of skin hanging off his hind leg and you could see the bone. He had also pulled his hind shoe off, so to have come second in those conditions was not a bad effort. Christopher and Clare  were over the moon to have come first and second with their two horses. Ponty also ran a cracking race, but like Harry, made a huge mistake at the open ditch and lost a front shoe, and Toby lost his whip, which is rather needed on Ponty as he can be quite lazy, so it was a good result for him too. Needless to say we had a massive party afterwards by the lorry. The Padfields had bought their normal supply of champagne and sloe gin which went down rather too well. As there was quite a few  local horses who had also travelled to Lincoln there wa a lot of people we knew there which made it a very good excuse to party on and on..... It was dark when the security guards ordered us off the racetrack as they wanted to lock up.
Home now and Harry came off the lorry well considering he had been sedated to have his wound stitched. We then had to have a celebration drink at the Carpenters. Home now. A great couple of days.