Saturday, 22 February 2014

Spud - My assistant trainer
Doug has got food poisoning at the moment  - nothing to do with my cooking by the way, we went out for a meal on Thursday night and he has been ill since. He is being a brave soldier but has been quite poorly. He says that it is worse than childbirth, so it must be bad! Also he hasn't eaten for at least 24 hours, and that is when you know it is serious.
Spud has taken over as my assistant trainer in his absence. We are hoping that he will be OK for tomorrow though as Spud isn't great at driving the lorry. We are taking Bryn (Definite Dawn) to run in the first, and Ponty Pandy and Varkala to run in the maiden, although Varkala won't run if the ground is firm which unbelievably could be the case if this drying wind continues.
We schooled them all on Friday - I have got a new camera (hence the photo of Spud) and diligently videoed them all schooling but cannot for the life of me work out how to save it on my computer. It saves the photos but not the videos. Grrrrrr! Sometimes I feel that I am just not cut out for this Hi-tech age
Today, whilst Doug was on his deathbed I did the stables and then got on with some gardening. It was the most beautiful springlike day and everything is bursting into life. As we haven't had any hard frosts yet the plants all look really healthy and as usual I have left it too late to prune the roses and they are already leafing up. I then watched the rugby - England V Ireland - A brilliantly intense close match and either side could have won and would have deserved it. England just won by 13/10.
We were supposed to be going to the Fenny Farmers Ball tonight but as it turns out it might be a blessing that we are not going as we have an early start in the morning and I have got to do the picnic before we leave. Hmmm, that is what I am telling myself anyway. I am not very good at wearing my sensible hat especially on a Saturday night....