Monday, 24 February 2014

Another great day racing - Unfortunately Definite Dawn was just beaten by a neck in a very exciting finish where the winner had just got too much of a lead for Def Dawn to quite get to the line in time. Varkala was a little super star in a fifteen runner maiden where compared to some of the other horses in the paddock she looked like a Shetland pony, but my goodness, did she show those big boys how to do it! Toby took her the longest way around so that she could see her fences and settled her beautifully, She got bumped quite badly at the last fence when coming fourth but then rallied and came a running on third with just hands and heels. We were all delighted, particularly as Toby had beaten Sam Davies Thomas into fourth, therefore allowing Peter Mann to win the overall jockey prize for North Carlton. We didn't run Ponty as we didn't want him to be in the same race as Varkala, so he is now entered for Didmarton next Saturday.
Even though the Padfield's hadn't had a winner their party around our horsebox was just as good as ever. Varkala's owners also joined us - Marge and Ian, and Hilary and Anne.(Sadly Tom couldn't be there). Unlike last time we were all a little better behaved and left before the gates were locked.....
Doug is feeling a little better today - He went to see the doctor this morning a he was feeling worse and she told him that because of his 'reserves' she didn't think there would be too much of a problem if he didn't eat until the end of the week!!  And Toby said now he should be able to do the weight and that he would look forward to seeing him in the members race - not quite the sympathy he was looking for, but thank goodness he is on the mend.