Saturday, 1 March 2014

A double!!! Never before and probably never again, so please forvive me if I am slightly unfollowable for the next couple of postings... Velvet Royale (Dolly) was an absolute professional. She made all and jumped like a stag. Any horse that tried to challenge her got totally demoralised with her outstanding jumping ability. Harry, her jockey, bearing in mind that he had never had a winner before, went out in front and showed the rest of the field, including the hot favourite how it should be done. Velvet Royale's, owner,Jo Thame sadly wasn't there for the race as she had to help with her brother's polo horses, but she was delighted when she heard the news and we are planning a very big night in The Carpenters Arms on Monday evening when everyone can be there to watch the DVD's. It was so lovely for Harry, who sadly lost his mother recently, and who possibly hasn't been getting the chances he deserves, to prove himself and get the win he deserves.A quick break now when i have been forced to leave my computer and go to the shepherd hut for a celebration drink..