Thursday, 27 March 2014

I have had a busy day day in that the phone hasn't stopped ringing and we are a bit short staffed so all the horses needed riding plus the stables mucked out too.
Equine Fitness has been really busy lately and this morning I had some great orders amongst which were Mark Johnston, Sir Michael Stoute, Gary Moore and Rebecca Curtis, all of which are very enthusiastic about the new bits I am getting from Australia and our Stay Cold Boots. It is rather nice that no matter how good the trainer is they are still very humble and nice to talk to. I have to say that horses are a great leveller and talking to trainers, particularly the more successful ones, you really couldn't talk to nicer people considering how outstanding they are.
Doug walked Whitfield this afternoon - I couldn't as I was at the chiropractors at 3 pm and as we were due to go and see John O' Neil and his horses this afternoon I couldn't fit it all in but Doug reported back that the ground was soft and safe. it probably won't suit Jess (We Never Give Up) and Ponty too well but could suit Dr K, Dancer and maybe Ben (Whither Goest Thou)  The course looked great and they have done a great job.