Thursday, 27 March 2014

Lady Barfad at Brafield on the Green
Lady Barfad  (photos taken by Fiona Warren)
I have just been e-mailed these lovely photos of Goody (Lady Barfad) from Fiona Warren, Jason's sister who is good friends with Patrick and Juliet White and who is a great photographer. Goody came a very commendable fourth in the maiden, second fastest time of the day (faster than the Mens Open) We have been very lucky in that Goody's owners will allow us as much time as she needs without putting pressure on which enables her to enjoy her racing and not get over stressed. She will then enjoy her racing and then when she is ready go out and win, she will do it within her comfort zone and then be happy to go out and win again. If a maiden wins too quickly they are then thrown in at the deep end in very competitive restricted, and as they haven't learnt their trade it can be a terrifying experience which can sometimes put a horse off racing ever again, so in my opinion the longer it takes for a horse to win a maiden (within reason!) the better. Doctor Kingsley is a bit of an extreme example as he was nine before he won his maiden!