Tuesday, 4 March 2014

We Had a big party in the Carpenter Arms last night to celebrate Dolly and Ponty's win. The DVD's of both races were played and replayed and every time they won there was a big cheer, as if the results might have changed in the meantime. Jo bought her big cup which had pride of place on the middle of the table whilst we had a meal - it was a really happy occasion and lovely for the owner of Dolly, Jo Thame, who has been very patient with her, and allowed us to give her time, and The Duck Club (Ponty's owners) which consists of Bill Adams, Tissie Reason, Arthur Griffin and John Bell, who sadly couldn't make it. It is a beautiful spring morning and all the horses are now out enjoying the sunshine. Tomorrow we are taking Jake (Doctor Kingsley) Eeyore (Wild Dove)and Jess (We Never Give Up) to Lambourn to give Jake a nice outing and keep him fresh and happy leading up to the festival. He is on top form. it will also be good for the others, in particular Eeyore, to have a journey and a bit of fun, without actually racing.