Thursday, 6 March 2014

We just took Jake (Doctor Kingsley) and Jess (We Never Give Up) to Lambourn yesterday as we didn't want to risk travelling Jake with a youngster as a few of them have snotty noses and Eeyore may be carrying something. Having said that they all look and feel incredibly well so it isn't a great cause for concern. Jake and Jess worked really well together and thoroughly enjoyed their day out. All good today, every horse went out for a hack and delighted with the way the horses that raced over the weekend have recovered and are absolutely full of themselves. We have got the Doncaster agents coming today to look at our two 2 year olds - One is Velvet Dove's foal (half sister to Eeyore) by Pasternak and the other is a a Black Sam Bellamy filly that I bought to keep the Pasternak foal company. They are both very nice indeed, particularly Dove's daughter, and I am very reluctant to sell them but needs must...If they pass the inspection they will go to the Doncaster sales in May.