Saturday, 15 March 2014

What a day! He ran his heart out on very quick ground and came seventh out of twenty four. As the day went on and the ground quickened I became increasingly uneasy about how he was going to cope  with the ground, but I shouldn't have worried as he managed to keeps with the pace and even with negotiating a couple of fallen horses and having to go wide, Pete did a fantastic job on him and kept him interested enough to finish a running on seventh, absolutely full of beans but just not having the length of run in to get to the front group but still beating some very good horses.
We were delighted with his performance bearing in mind the quick ground and the fact that he is not getting any younger when stamina didn't really have to come into play. Pete Mann afterwards said that Jake was awesome and that even though he had got seriously cut up by another horse, which would normally make him stop in his tracks and sulk, but not this time. He stuck to his guns and made us very proud. The somewhat annoying thing about the result was that last year we were asked to find a foxhunter horse for someone and we very nearly bought Tammy's Hill  (the winner) but the  potential owners changed their minds. Such is life.......
The weather was fabulous and it was just something else to actually be there on Gold Cup day,  talking of which, what a strange result, Lord Windermere won at twenty to one but watching the race you would never have predicted the result two fences from home,  but absolutely fantastic for Jim Cullotty. You will have to excuse me if I log off now as we are going to the Carpenters for bit of a celebration!