Sunday, 13 April 2014

A MUCH better day today, with three seconds and one fifth. Val D'Auberge ran a cracking race for Peter Bennett and was a running on second, Popaway had a 9llb penalty which could have made the difference between winning and losing but she was beaten by a better horse on the day, she was also very strong in the race and Joe had to strangle her to keep her in behind which didn't help as when he asked her to quicken she had already burnt herself out, possibly a stronger run race would have suited her better, and Lady Barfad was a little star. She ran a really gutsy race coming second to an ex Whaley Cohen horse that had had a number of runs under rules, so really exciting. Ponty came fifth but was up with the leaders until two from home and made a noise, so he obviously needs a little wind operation. He has shown us enough promise to warrant it now. A wonderful day and we had a few people around the lorry for a drink to celebrate Doug's birthday on Tuesday so as usual we were the last to leave....

Lady Barfad enjoying her race
 Photos taken by Fiona Warren
After the race

Ponty Pandy

Popaway in paddock