Friday, 18 April 2014

'Scruffy' (Exclusive Rights) having a pop with Toby
 We had Peter and Toby in this morning and managed to school a few and we also used the grass field for a bit of work.The ground is beginning to firm up a so we will be glad for a drop of rain sooner rather than later.
We also schooled Jess and Eeyore - Eeyore (Wild Dove) has been working brilliantly on the gallops during the week and was our main hope for this week-end but when he was schooled seemed to pull a muscle in his back again. He came back really swishing his tail and seemed in quite a lot of discomfort so we are going to try and get a masseur out to him in the next couple of days to see if it can be fixed. SO frustrating as he was really impressive on Wednesday and we were getting rather excited about his run at either Thorpe or Dingley. We are about to go and walk the course at Dingley and then we will be able to decide where to go.
Ben this side and Dolly (Velvet Royale) far side

Ben (Whither Goest Thou) with Peter Mann

Jess, Eeyore, Dolly and Harry
Jess is also due a run but annoyingly there isn't an intermediate at Dingley which is her favourite course, there is only a novice riders race and it would be a shame for Toby not to ride her as he seems to be able to cajole the best out of her, so she is probably going to Sandon tomorrow in the conditions race
Jake, Dancer, Goody and Scruffy

Goody, Jake, Dug, Flash, Dancer and Scruffy

Photos by Fiona Warren