Sunday, 25 May 2014

Dug and Peter came fourth out of eleven. He was completely tailed off second time around so it was a great effort from both horse and rider to get up to the leading pack and end up in fourth position. Val D'Auberge is such a genuine horse bless him, he always tries his best.
It was a great day's racing all in all and the ground was a good as it could be at this time of year. We had a lovely group of people around our lorry afterwards enjoying the evening sun and it was a shame to come away but for once we weren't the last to leave.
I have just walked around all the horses and cannot believe how much Dove's foal has grown. I have a confession to make which I have been putting off....Dove's filly foal has turned into a colt!!!  I can only say in my defence that it was dark and very late at night when I made the initial verdict. What a wally I am!!