Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Both horses safe and sound, thank goodness. Lady Barfad remains a mystery in that she hung violently to the left again, she did the same at Mollington which is a right handed track so we assumed she had to go left handed, but she still hung so badly that Toby had to have two hands on the right rein, and when he finished the race and went to pull up she ran around in a tight left handed circle. She is completely straight at home and ran a cracking race at the Atherstone, so it something that has come on relatively recently. Someone suggested that she could be throwing a splint as their horse did the same when under pressure, so we will have her checked out by the chiropractor and masseur and go from there. She is such a good mare and thankfully we have got very patient, understanding owners who are more than happy to give her time and explore all options and I am positive their patience will be rewarded.
Ben, (Whither Goest Thou) bless his cotton socks, ran as fast as he could and jumped really well on a track which didn't suit him as he needs a longer track and pulled up just before the last fence. He isn't very fast and will never be any better than moderate, but he is a lovely person and is a fun horse on a longer staying track, He may go onto to do another job depending on what the owners want to do with him. Now that the season is winding down I have to start concentrating on doing some 'proper work' which is a bit of a bore but a necessary one. 
The shepherd hut is really busy at the moment and we have had the old tack room renovated which has been made into stable cottage . We have got our first guest coming to stay at the beginning of June so there is a few things to sort out before then.
Tonight the Duck Club are convening their inaugural AGM (!?) which will end up in the Carpenters Arms and should be quite a merry affair....