Thursday, 1 May 2014

THANK YOU TO THE TEAM - None of this would be possible without them. They are the ones who don't get the glory but do all the hard work. 

Doug, Tara. Esme and Lucy with Popaway
It really DID happen and I am still in shock. I could not believe it when I saw that Popaway was favourite, bearing in mind that it was only her second time over regulation fences and her first time running at two miles, but the punters confidence in her was spot on and she relished the stronger pace and the big fences and won going away by about six lengths. To say we were delighted would be an understatement and it was a fantastic ride by Joe and wonderful for the Rob, Roy, John, Henry partnership.
Doctor Kingsley gave us the normal heart attack by dropping out at the back of the field and really looked as though he had left it too late this time before storming past the leading pair and just getting up by three quarters of a length. He needs every inch of that extra furlong and we were so proud of the way he jumped and really dug deep to get his nose in front. Another brilliant ride by Peter who unlike us didn't panic. Quite extraordinary for a horse who when he first came to us needed blinkers just to go up the schooling fences and to quote a work rider who took him up the gallops "was positively pedestrian"!
It was one of those very special moments that we will never forget and the best birthday present ever. Dr K got a huge reception coming into the winners enclosure. He has got  rather a big fan club now. After the celebratory drink in the 'inner sanctum'  I took myself away to be on my own and looked at the backdrop to Cheltenham with the Cleeve hills bathed in golden sunshine and reflected on how lucky we were to be involved in this magnificent sport and it's very special people. There are many highs and lows and it is wonderful to share these moments and savour them as you never know what may be around the next corner.
The biggest bonus was that both horses were full of themselves this morning and went out into the field as though they hadn't had a race. Just wonderful.