Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Last day at the races.  Spud, Lucy, Poppy and Titch.
Val D'Auberge and Peter Bennett off on their Summer holidays
We didn't run Dug as he had raced last week and it was a very hot race and quite frankly just not worth it. It was wonderful handing him over to Peter all in one piece for his well deserved Summer break. He really is a lovely horse.
The racing was great and lovely to actually have a sociable day rather than worrying about running anything.
After it was all over we ended up in the Pytchley where a few other racegoers had accumulated but we managed to leave at a fairly reasonable time.
The season is now officially over and what an amazing season it was....
Three doubles and one at Cheltenham. Oh my goodness me, whoever would have thought it?! No matter how many times I say it I still cannot believe it. We are just so lucky to have had the horses that performed out of their skins for us and now they are being really spoiled in the field with polos and carrots every day. Roll on next season...