Thursday, 5 June 2014

Back to the garden...
 It is so good to have time to do a bit of gardening as it has been very much neglected.
Although we still managed to find time to go to the Bicester Puppy show yesterday, with a lovely lunch first at Waterloo Farm followed by the judging of the strapping Bicester hounds proudly watched by Patrick, the huntsman.
I went to the Pytchley puppy show today. Although I love the social side I also really enjoy watching the hounds being judged and seeing if my first four correlate with the judges opinion. It is then my mission to try and remember the different hounds so that I can recognise them out hunting. It must be so rewarding to know every single hound by it's name and it was quite a spectacle when they let all eighty hounds out today and then the huntsman (Daniel)called every one back by it's name. Wonderful to see.
Lupins. So beautiful.
It is a beautiful evening and the birds are singing at the top of their voices after the solid day of rain yesterday. I am going to take the dogs for a walk and do the checking of the horses at the same time. What a stunning time of year.....