Friday, 6 June 2014

Spuds first bunny kill
Spud has been wildly chasing bunnies all over the county since he was a puppy and this one must have run straight into his mouth by accident as he hasn't a clue how to kill anything. After the 'incident' he proudly carried it around with him all day and wouldn't let it out of his sight.Oddly enough he treated it really gently and kept on licking and nuzzling it as though he was quite sad that it was dead. In the end Doug had to throw it away because it was beginning to smell much to Spud's dismay.
It is the 70th anniversary of D Day today, The remembrance service that was held in Normandy and Portsmouth was incredibly poignant. BBC ran a number of interviews with veteran soldiers and they all had the same haunted look in their eyes. We have only the slightest idea of what those brave men went through and cannot even begin to imagine the horror of the landings. I know this sounds incredibly shallow but it is meant from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much to those brave and courageous heroes who put their lives on the line so that future generations can be free to enjoy life to the full.. Thank you.