Thursday, 31 July 2014

The hot weather continues and thank goodness for the river which is just wonderful to swim in.

Poor Matilda the pig was put to sleep yesterday. She was fourteen and had a huge tumour in her foot which was getting progressively worse. She ate right up until her last moment but could no longer get around so it wasn't fair to keep her alive any longer, she had a great life but it is still very sad as she was such a character.

Only her mother could love a face like that...

Raiding the orchard

However, the puppies are great as you just can't be sad for very long when they are around. Spud has got to be the best father ever . They have been moved to the stable so they have more room to run around and he is forever going to check up on them. He is far more concerned about them than their mother, Poppy, and if they whine he then goes to find her to try and persuade her to take her maternal duties more seriously.

Puppies snoozing - Feisty, Fatty and Sleepy

The night before last Jay cooked a supper party for us and some friends  as my belated birthday pressie. We had it in the shepherd hut and it was a very special occasion. Jay amazed us with her cooking (it's in the genes of course??) and the shepherd hut worked its magic again, we have had some seriously good sessions in there....
The combine is in the field right outside the office at this very moment. They were very lucky as they didn't get the storm that seemed to go everywhere else but here and are really getting on with the wheat. It is very early and unusual not to get more of a gap between the rape and the wheat. Apparently it is too dry, as it needs to be 15% but it is only 11%.... No pleasing some folks!