Friday, 8 August 2014

Percy the Pig
Percy and Peppa Pig

I knew I wouldn't be able to last long without having piggies around - I saw these advertised fairly locally and couldn't resist. They are pure Kune Kunes and really nice natured. They are just getting acclimatised to their new home before I let them go free range. I'm sure Dancer and Flash will just love these little snorkers wandering around amongst them!
The shepherd hut guests just love them and the last couple spent most of their time just sitting with Percy and Peppa pig. They were really quite upset about leaving them. Talking of which the next lot of guests have arrived and we have our first guests staying in the new hut for the week-end as well as a couple in the cottage - A full house. It will have to be a quick changeover on Sunday as we are going to Ireland to look at a few horses. We have a contact who is driving us around to look at a few yards and then we will probably stay for the sale the following day. We are just having a look, of course, with no intention of buying anything...?!