Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The day before going to Ireland we had a slightly stressful day as in my wisdom I decided to let Percy and Peppa pig out for a little snorkle around. They both seemed really tame and I assumed they wouldn't go too far. Well - within twenty minutes they had completely disappeared off the face of the earth. They were absolutely no where to be seen - I walked miles and Doug took the quad everywhere to try and find them. In the end we gave up and just hoped they weren't going to cause a nasty accident on the main road. I was a little concerned as even though I had contacted the ministry by email and phone I still hadn't actually received a piggy movement licence and thought it would be just my luck if something bad happened. Anyway, to cut a long story short at nightfall the little blighters came sauntering happily back in the yard and requested their supper -  such a relief as we couldn't have gone to Ireland with a free conscience knowing that they were on the loose.It just shows how intelligent they are though, to only be in a place for three days and then have such a good sense of direction.

Thankfully we were then able to go to Ireland, where we had a really interesting and enjoyable couple of days. The first night the flight was a little delayed because of Hurricane Bertha so we didn't get into Dublin until 10 pm. As we were staying in a hotel just off Grafton Street it seemed a shame not to explore the sights and savour the Irish bands and the Guinness in Temple Bar. It was fairly quiet as it was a Sunday, but still a great atmosphere. The following day we met up with our Irish contact, George, who comes from Waterford and who drove all the way up to Dublin to pick us up and then drove all the way back to the Waterford area as that was where most of the horses he wanted to show us were. We went to many different yards and saw a good selection. The prices varied from the divine to the ridiculous but eventually we managed to whittle the horses down and got a realistic price on all the horses we liked.  We knew what we were looking for so that made it slightly easier. The countryside in that area was absolutely stunning and it was such a pleasure to be in such good company and looking at some very nice horses.
George then drove all the way back up to Dublin where he dropped us off at Pam and David Morton's who had very kindly offered to put us up for the night. As usual they were the ultimate hosts. They have worked really hard on the house and it is an absolute credit to them.
The following day we looked at another couple of horses and then went onto the Tattersalls sales where it would have been wonderful to have had an open cheque book. However, we were pleased with what we had seen and all that remains is a little negotiating...