Saturday, 16 August 2014

We are excitedly waiting for the lorry from Ireland to arrive with two of our latest purchases. A horse called Sea Rock (5 yr old) who has been placed a couple of times pointing and a four yr old called Glory Hunter who has run four times and placed three. Both very nice horses from the same yard who ran in a bog last year and then it suddenly dried up and was firm so they didn't really get a fair chance. Also Sea Rock, the older horse was run into and has a nasty scar on his back leg which won't affect his racing but has reduced his price nicely as he was expected to make big money but couldn't go to the sales because of it.
The pigs have been creating havoc and will have to be confined to barracks after today when last seen snouting around on the village cricket pitch. Doug went to chase them home but they have disappeared again. Dad came for a coffee the other day and we were sitting in the kitchen and they happily strolled in as if they owned the place. They are so comical but sadly just too brave and their enthusiasm will have to be curtailed.
As soon as the horses have arrived we are off to an extended lunch party.
They have just arrived and look even better than I had remembered them. Must go as late!