Sunday, 17 August 2014

We got back late last night to find that the pigs hadn't returned. After a moment of concern we found a message on the answer phone to say that they had been shut up in the Manor House's orchard as they were cheerfully grazing on the lawn. Bless them...So, this morning we went to fetch them in the truck. They came running up to us grunting excitedly and even after Doug picked them up and threw them unceremoniously into the back of the truck they just looked happily through the window, enjoying the ride. They have no idea how much trouble they have caused, but they really are rather adorable and you have to admire their spirit. They are now shut in the stable until we fence off a little wooded area for them.
Percy and Peppa Pig on their way back from The Manor House

The Pigs just leaving the office with a worried Spud looking on
We turned the new horses out in the field - I meant to take photos of them first but my camera had run out of battery, but will take some when they come back up before the open day. They both galloped across the field and we were delighted with their big open loose stride, they just floated. The five year old, Sea Rock would be nearly 17 hands and still has some filling out to do as he has such a big frame. He will be very impressive when he has matured. He has a softer nature than the four year old, Glory Hunter, who seems to be feisty, determined and hard. It will be fascinating to see how different they are in a race.