Friday, 22 August 2014

We are very excited as this morning Peter and Toby came in to ride the new horses and they went brilliantly. It is always a bit of a risk buying them without sitting on them first and you have to trust what Paddy and Mick tell you, but they were spot on and both horses although completely different characters and types exceeded all expectations. Sea Rock (5 yrs old) had Peter on board and the horse (Rock) looked like a young unfurnished Dr Kingsley with the same lack of confidence but with all the ability. He was a bit worried leading the way on the road but as soon as he got on the round gallop he knew what he was supposed to be doing and picked up the bridle and had a lovely big loose stride. He is such a big horse and clearly needs time as his relatives are all late developers, but the racing doesn't seem to have soured him, thank goodness. The other horse, Glory Hunter (Murphy) (4 yrs old) is completely different - He is brimming with confidence and is very forward and just wants to get on with it. He clearly loves his work, which is a relief as I'm not a great fan of running four year old's as it can fry their brains, but he seems the sort that can cope with any amount of work thrown at him.  He is booked to go to Doncaster if he doesn't sell at the Open Day and we were quite prepared for that to happen, but now we have seen him on the gallops we would very much like to have him in the yard, so if you are coming to our Open Day or want to (ring 07970770236) bring your cheque book!!

Glory Hunter
Sea Rock

Video of them both cantering (Excuse the language!)